Hi! everyone. My name is Mustapha, a 21-year-old rising sophomore at Ahmadu Bello university,Zaria,Nigeria. On December 12,1994, I entered the Galaxy, with lots of bawling and hands bold in fists. As I grew past adolescence, my life rapidly moved into academics.

My enthusiasm for maths grew in level to a point that despite testifying to moments of frustrations, I tend to spend long hours practicing p sets, sometimes with no end in sight. I also love writing theoretically per se but in practice , I do confess to moments of misgivings that makes me wince.

Aside academics,I often engage myself in strings of diverse events in my free time ranging from seeing thriller movies or reading catchy novels and journals. I’m also a football lover. And I can be spotted watching interesting matches (up Barca!) or leisurely showing off my talent on the field.    

So on this note, that’s about that. I’m excited about the future. I’m hopeful of where I’ll get to in the nearest future . I also still believe I will unlock my superpowers of levitation and teleportation if focus hard enough. 



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